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EdiZONE is a world-wide product design and development company. Our technologies give *your* business the competitive advantage.

EdiZONE's approach

  • At EdiZONE we don things a little differently
  • We develop products that you will call your own.
  • We create technology that gives you the "upper hand".
  • We take your brilliance and we illuminate it.
  • Here, we create competitive advantage - for you!

EdiZONE Licensees

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Hasbro
  • Sleep Innovations
  • Nike
  • Infantino
  • Natura World
  • And dozens more...

EdiZONE's technologies

  • EdiZONE has more than a dozen technologies used in millions of products around the world. With more than 35 US Patents (and more pending), EdiZONE's licenses have a secured advantage over their competition.

Custom Inventing

  • EdiZONE takes your company's end-goal and invents the products for your ultimate success and advantage in the marketplace. EdiZONE is a powerhouse in the development and implementation of unique and successful products. With a team of innovative engineers and designers behind every product, EdiZONE delivers the exception and sometimes the unexpected disruptive technology.

The EdiZONE Edge

  • There is a reason so many big companies put their trust in EdiZONE's technologies. Our technologies give them a much needed edge in an increasingly competitive world. We often outdo with a small and flexible staff what a big R&D department can do with all its red tape.

It's eclectic.

  • Take a stroll down EdiZONE's license lane, and you'll find EdiZONE's core technologies being used in just about everything, including in many products you already use and love. From medical equipment, to toys, to advanced cushioning, to bedding. EdiZONE's technologies are just what the world ordered, or at least what the world needed.